Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tip: How To Use the Ancestry.com Card Catalog

Your quick genealogical tip of the day is to use the Ancestry.com Card Catalog. I don't know why how I missed this amazing tool, and it really is a must-have in your bag of tricks.

The Ancestry.com Card Catalog is hidden at the bottom of the Search menu, and it is really important. It is a searchable listing of all the the record collections (32,231 at this time) that Ancestry has available.

The reason this is so helpful, is that you can do a search, like Title=Berlin and Keyword=Germany which then gives you back all 15 of the collections you should look at a bit more closely.

If you didn't quite get that, just understand that 15 is way less than 32,231, thus saving you a ton of time. Time you can use to read those 15 collections.

Further more, you can filter that by "Birth, Marriage & Death" and suddenly you have found those famous Berlin collections you always have trouble locating!

Here is a great video from Crista Cowan, the Barefoot Genealogist:

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  1. Very helpful. I wanted to let you know that this post is included in my NoteWorthy Reads #22: http://jahcmft.blogspot.com/2015/10/noteworthy-reads-22.html Enjoy your weekend!