Meet The Detective

Who is the Cousin Detective?

The Cousin Detective is written by Dan Bodenheimer, and is dedicated to solving mysteries in family trees, telling funny stories about the amazing things that happen during the investigations, and trying to keep a sharp sarcastic sense of humor fully engaged at all times.

Genealogy draws on many of Bodenheimer's professional and personal strengths, the most rewarding is connecting people together to build the family tree in collaboration and sharing all the photos that are discovered in the process.

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About Dan Bodenheimer, Product Architect

Dan Bodenheimer
Dan Bodenheimer is a professional Information Technology leader focusing on translating business needs into technology projects, and leading those teams with expertise in e-commerce, web, mobile, logistics, usability, search engine optimization, social networking, and intranets. He has worked for small to medium-sized companies that sell goods and services directly to consumers or businesses. His strengths include information architecture, platform solutions, process mapping, SaaS, product management, scrum, scaled agile framework, building consensus, intelligent problem solving, innovative thinking, team-oriented leadership, collaboration, and strong communication skills with emphasis on listening, coaching, mediation, translating, and presenting ideas.

At an early age, he realized that he loved to organize chaotic situations into clear step-by-step plans that once completed seemed simple and obvious. He was drawn to intelligent problem-solving, searching for the hidden root causes and unstated goals that would bring about a real solution, often using out-of-box thinking to accomplish true clarity.

Originally a software engineer, he found that he wasn’t fond of coding for coding sake; it was the business problems that real people were having that intrigued him. He got his degree from the University of California in Economics, and spent some time studying human-computer interaction and psychology to better understand the Customer Experience on a holistic level. This has paid great dividends in terms of translating and presenting complex technical solutions to problems that real businesses face on a day-to-day basis.