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Lutheran KEMPER of Berleburg

  1. KEMPER of Berleburg

Catholic ZIMMER's of Reichenbach
  1. ZIMMER family in Reichenbach of Girlachsdorf, Breslau (postcard says Reichenberg, Getmansdorf, Breslaugh, Silesia)   Could be Güttmannsdorf (see below)
  2. WALTHART family of Kostenblut 
  3. KIRCHNER family of Breslau
  4. Mystery family in Gnadenfrei, Schlesien
  5. ZIMMER family in Seherrswaldau -- aka Olbersdorf aka Byszów, Poland
  6. ZIMMER family in Waldenburg -

Catholic PETAU of Güttmannsdorf, Reichenbach, Breslau, Silesia

  1. Pauline PETAU and also anything ZIMMER there?
  2. Maybe Franz PETAU and Anna Marie Welz both born about 1800?
  3. WELZ of Stoschendorf  -- Anna Maria Welz was born on 10 May 1812 in Stoschendorf, Kreis Reichenbach, now Stoszow, Poland.    Town only has 200 people in it...   Nearest "large" town is Heidersdorf (Łagiewniki).  Perhaps the records are there.  It's the seat of the area.

Evangelisch-Lutheran OBST's of Klein Ellguth 

  1. Louise OBST born abt 1843 to Friedrich OBST and Johanna Dorothea KOSCH
  2. Marie Emilie Karoline OBST, sister to Louise, born 8 Sep 1855 in Klein Ellguth
  3. Marriage in Civil Records?!   Paul Zimmer and Emilie Obst on 19 February 1887
  4. Emilie Clara OBST born 31 Jan 1863 in Breslau
Lutheran OBST's of Deutsch Lissa

  1. Could be Catholic records for his sister Anna and her husband Robert Kirschner? Children.  They were married in 1883. 
  2. Marriage in Civil Records?!   Paul Zimmer and Emilie Obst on 19 February 1887

MAASS of Berlin
  1. Louis Philip Maass 6 May 1857 birth in Berlin   (look for earlier and later siblings in and )

BRANDT of Posen

  1. Death of Josephine Brandt (Dessauer) in Krotoszyn on 16-Dec-1877