Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tip: Read The Latest MyCanvas Guest Blog Series

MyCanvas was originally part of Ancestry.com, as a product line featuring ways to print you family tree in many different ways -- including photobooks, posters, collages, calendars, and the like.  They were acquired by Alexander's a while back, and continue to offer some really beautiful options for displaying your family history.

MyCanvas Guest Blog Series

Yes, I'm slowly getting to the real point.  I was asked to be part of their latest Guest Blog series, and I jumped at the chance to write a story about one of the first real mysteries I was presented with -- one that took me years to solve.

Who Are All These People?

The case I wrote up is all about this old family photograph, and how I figured out who everyone was. There are a number of methods I used, and all of them were required in order to figure out the names of each and every person pictured.

Read all about Who Are All These People? by The Cousin Detective and then tweet and follow the hashtag #MyCanvasGBS to join the conversation.

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