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The Missing Photo of Hedwig's Grandchildren

Did you know Denyse Magnhild Neustadt of Wembley?

I'm going to cut right to the punchline here.  I'm looking for a photo, and the person who best might know where it is died in Middlesex, England in 1990.   I'm posting this in hopes of finding someone who might know what happened to the old family photos from the Neustadt family.    Emanuel Neustadt died in Brent, Greater London in 1966, and his widow, Denyse Magnhild Neustadt is the one who died in 1990.   If anyone has any thoughts on how to track down the precious photos they must have left behind. I'm afraid that they might not have had any children, so it's likely that they just vanished? Help! 

Here's the story.  My great great grandmother Hedwig Wolff geb Wolff had four children.  All four of those children got married and had children of their own, and I have pictures of Hedwig with the grandchildren from three of those marriages.   I am missing the fourth set of grandchildren, and I'm sure there must be one out there somewhere. I am posting the three I have to spark someone's memory of a similar photo they've seen somewhere...  

Hedwig Wolff with WOLFF grandchildren, circa 1909

Hedwig Wolff with MAYER grandchildren, circa 1912

Hedwig Wolff with LEVY grandchildren, circa 1914

Eva Meyer, Photographer 

All three of the known photos were taken by the same photographer, Eva Meyer in Berlin. Perhaps there is a way to find all her photos in an archive somewhere?    

Eva Meyer - photographer's signature on front

Eva Meyer - Hauptstrasse 83, Berlin-Friedenau

The missing photo: Hedwig with her NEUSTADT grandchildren

Which brings us to the missing photo.   There should be a photo around these exact same dates (1910-1915) with her NEUSTADT grandchildren, Emanuel and Ruth.  

Hedwig's daughter Elwina Wolff married Georg Neustadt on 19 Apr 1906 in Berlin. They are the parents of the missing grandchildren. 

Georg and Elwina, cicra 1905 in Berlin

Georg and Elwina had two children, Emanuel Neustadt (14 Feb 1907) and Ruth Neustadt (30 Aug 1909), both born in Berlin.   Those two, Emanuel and Ruth should be in the missing photo -- one that looks very very similar to the three others posted above.

Where is the missing photo? 

Ruth married Ernst Kaufmann and had two sons, Thomas and Stefan. Sadly, all four of them were lost in the Holocaust and I do not have any photos of them. 

Emanuel escaped to London, and likely married Denyse Magnhild there. In double-checking this post, I found that her maiden name was Mealy-Bourgeois and that she was born in France. I do not know of any children from either marriage, so when Denyse passed away in 1990 I have no idea what happened to all those precious family photos.  

Last known address: 30 Kings Court, Wembley

Oxford probate, page 6148

Denyse Magnhild Neustadt passed away on 24 Dec 1990. At the time she was living at 30 Kings Court, Kings Drive, Wembley, Middesex.  What happened to the Neustadt family photos?

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