Emanuel Wolff and Hedwig Wolff of Posen

My Great Great Grandparents from the Wolff and Wolff families of Posen city and Schroda in Posen, Prussia

Emanuel and Hedwig Wolff
When Emanuel Wolff was born 3 July 1850 in Posen, Posen, Prussia, Germany, his father, Isaak, was 52 and his mother, Marie, was 32. He married Hedwig Wolff in 1880, in his hometwon -- I recently found the marriage record. Emanuel and Hedwig had four children during their marriage. He died on December 30, 1901, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, at the age of 51 of an appendicitis, and was buried in Weißensee cemetery, Berlin, Germany.

Hedwig Wolff was born 6 January 1860, in Schroda, Posen, the child of Jacob Wolff of Morrn, Posen and Sara Metz of Lissa, Posen. She married Emanuel in 1880 in Posen. She had four children by the time she was 27. She died on 23 April 1935, in Berlin, Germany, at the age of 75, and was buried in Pankow, Berlin, Germany.


1798 Birth of Emanuel's father, Isaak
Emanuel Wolff's father, Isaak Wolff was born in 1798 in Schwersenz, Posen -- now Swarzędz, Poland. His death certificate from 18 January 1879 sadly does not list his parents. A wonderful source for some of the information about his family came from a Posen city family card. For some reason, the card does not list any daughters. My guess is that they were married and on their husband's card along with their own families -- such is the case for Paulina Appel geb Wolff whose husband's family card has been found.   Here's the card for Emanual Wolff's parents and siblings:

  1. Wolff, Isaak, merchant born 1798 in Schwersenz, died 18 Jan 1879 in Posen, Jewish
  2. Wolff, Marie (Maria?) née Heilbronn, his wife, born 1818 in Posen, died on 15 Feb 1884
  3. Wolff, Gustav, son, merchant in Berlin, born 11 Mar 1841 in Posen  
  4. Wolff, Moritz, son, born 15 Oct 1847, died 5 Jul 1876 (age 29) in Posen  
  5. Wolff, Emanuel, merchant son in Berlin, born 3 Jul 1850 in Posen 
  6. Wolff, Leopold, merchant son in Berlin, born 1 Mar 1857 in Posen  

Posen City Family Card for Isaak Wolff

1813 Birth of Hedwig's father, Jacob 
Jacob Wolff was born about 1813 in Morrn, Posen, Prussia, Germany (now Murzynowo, Poland). He died in Posen city on 20 January 1891. 

1818 Birth of Emanuel's mother, Marie
Marie Heilbronn, sometimes spelled Maria Heilbronn was born in the city of Posen in 1818, making her 20 years younger than her husband. She died on 15 February 1884 in Posen, and her parents are listed on her death certificate as Pincus Heilbronn and Eva Lipschütz of Posen. Marie Wolff geb Heilbronn had seven children.

1822 Birth of Hedwig's mother, Sara
Sara Metz, who married Jacob Wolff and became Sara Wolff, was born about 1822 in Lissa Posen, which is now Leszno, Poland. One of the reasons I was able to find a great deal about her was that she died at the home of Hedwig and Emanual Wolff while visited them in Berlin on 13 December 1888. Her parents were Nehemias Metz and Zerline Wiener, both of Lissa. 

1835 Marriage 1 of Emanuel's Father
Isaak Wolff's first marriage was to Hannchen Heilbronn, who had one child and then died shortly after that. 

1836 Birth of Emanuel's brother, Heinrich
I was actually very surprised to learn that Isaak Wolff's first born son was not Gustav.  I kept finding hints about a mysterious Heinrich, but I originally thought he must have been one of the youngest children if he even existed.  However, when I finally found Isaak's death record, it was indeed signed by Heinrich Wolff.  After much investigation I found that Heinrich Wolff was born in Posen in July 1836 to Isaak's previously unknown first wife.   Heinrich married Adelheid GRÜNBERGER in 1872 and they had one child, Manfred Wolff (1873-1951). 

1838 Death of Emanuel's father's first wife
About 1838 in Posen is when Hannchen Wolff geb HEILBRONN passed away.  She died sometime after the 1836 birth of her son Heinrich and the 1841 birth of Gustav (whose mother was Hannchen's sister Marie). 

1840 Marriage of Emanuel's Parents
After the death of his wife Hannchen, Isaak Wolff married her younger sister Marie Heilbronn in Posen.

1841 Birth of Emanuel's brother, Gustav
When Gustav Gerson Wolff was born on March 11, 1841, in Posen, Posen, Prussia, his father, Isaak, was 43 and his mother, Marie, was 23. He had one son with Minna in 1870. He died on November 22, 1911, in Berlin, Germany, at the age of 70.

1844 Birth of Emanuel's sister, Elwina
Elwina Wolff was born about 1844 in Posen. She married Philipp Schiff and moved to Breslau, where her husband passed away. She returned to Posen, and died at the fairly young age of 40.  Emanual named one of his daughters after her.

1847 Birth of Hedwig's brother, Salomon
Salomon Wolff was born 15 January 1847 in Schroda, Posen. It is not known if he married, or when he died. It would be wonderful to reconnect with this long-lost branch of the family (if it exists).

1845 Birth of Emanuel's sister, Flora
Flora Wolff was born on 16 April 1845 in Posen, and she died at age 36 on 19 June 1881.  After she passed away, her brother Emanuel named one of his daughters after her.  She married, and her married name was very hard to figure out but I finally found her. She married Hermann Hirschberg and had two sons, Leopold and Paul.  After Flora Hirschberg geb Wolff died, her husband remarried and had a few more children.
Yes, it really does say, "Flora Hirschberg geb. Wolff" 

1846 Marriage of Hedwig's Parents.
In about 1846 Jacob WOLFF and Sara METZ were married, most likely in Sara's hometown of Lissa in Posen.  They immediately moved to Schroda, as their first child, Salomon WOLFF was born there on 15 January 1847. 

Many of the details of his family come from this family card from the Posen archives.  The card lists:
  1. Jacob WOLFF, merchant, born 1813 in Murzynowo (Morrn in German) of Jewish faith. Died 20 Jan 1891 in Posen
  2. Sara Wolff née Metz, his wife, born 1827 in Lissa. Died 13 Dec 1888 in Berlin
  3. Salomon WOLFF, son, born 15 Jan 1847 in Schroda
  4. Eva WOLFF, daughter, born 16 March 1856 in Schroda. Married 24 May 1877 in Posen to merchant Salo (Schmul) ROSENFELD
  5. Hedwig WOLFF, daughter, born 6 Jan 1860 in Schroda. Married 27 Jan 1880 in Posen to merchant Emanuel WOLFF of Posen. Moved to Berlin almost immediately after marriage. 
Note that missing from this card is their daughter Minna who was already married by the time Jacob and the rest of the family moved to the city of Posen. 
Posen City Family Card for Jacob Wolff

1847 Birth of Emanuel's brother, Moritz
Moritz Wolff was born on October 15, 1847, in Posen, Prussia. He died on July 5, 1876, in his hometown, at the age of 28, and was buried there.

1850 Birth of Emanuel Wolff
Emanuel was born 3 July 1850 in Posen as the youngest of four children of Isaak Wolff and Marie Wolff geb Heilbronn. He had an older brother, Gustav, and two older sisters, Elwina and Flora.  Take note of his sister’s names, as they both died early, and Emanuel named two of his daughters after them.

1852 Birth of Emanuel's sister, Paulina
I'm still searching for the original marriage certificate of Paula Wolff and Wilhelm Appel, but an index lists her parents as the one and the same Isaak Wolff and Marie Heilbronn.  She was born 12 November 1852, and has living descendants who kindly shared their photos with me! Paula Appel had eight children, and died about 1940 in Berlin.

1856 Birth of Hedwig's sister, Eva
Eva Wolff was born 16 March 1856 in Schroda, Posen. Eva married Salo Rosenfeld in 1877, and had four daughters in Posen, one who died in infancy.
1857 Birth of Emanuel's brother, Leopold
Ah, the mysterious Leo Wolff.  I wasn't sure if Leo was a nickname of Gustav Wolff, so for many years I thought it was one person.  It's actually two.  The youngest brother, Leopold Wolff was born on 1 March 1857 in Posen. he married Ida Lazarus and had two sons, Max Martin Wolff and Hans Wolff. I'd love to find some of his descendants and share photos.

1860 Birth of Hedwig Wolff
Hedwig was born to Jacob Wolff and Sara Metz in Schroda on 6 January 1860, the youngest of their four children. Her birthplace, Kreis Schroda was a county in the southern administrative district of Posen, in the Prussian province of Posen. Schroda is now part of Poland. At the age of 14, her family moved to the city of Posen.

1863 Isaak Wolff Family Photo
This photo has taken many hours of consideration, and I do not have a perfect answer yet.  My best estimate is that it was taken either about 1855 or 1863 in Posen by Zeuschner. What concerns me is that not all their children are in the photo, so where are they?  Why are only 4 children in the photo when they had 8? So I have been flip-flopping between 1855 and 1863 based on these two scenarios. 
  • Option 1: 1855 scenario from left to right: Elwina at 11, Moritz at 8, Marie at 37, Isaak at 57, Flora at 10, and Gustav at 14.  The eldest, Heinrich at 19 has perhaps moved out, and young Emanuel at 5 and Paulina at 3 are too young? Leopold wasn't born until 1857.  Does this one make the most sense? Or... 
  • Option 2: 1863 scenario from left to right: Flora at 18, Leopold at 6, Marie at 45, Isaak at 65, Pauline at 11, and Gustav at 22.  Reasoning? Well, the son on the far right looks older than the daughter on the far left. That can only be Gustav as Emanuel was 13 and Moritz was 16.  Oldest daughter Elwina was 19 and more blonde, so I'm fairly sure about Flora. In 1963, eldest son Heinrich would have been 27.  Missing from the photo are Heinrich at 27, Elwina at 19, Moritz at 16, and Emanuel at 13.   
Marie and Isaak Wolff, circa 1863 with children. Photo by Zeuschner of Posen

Introducing the Gustav WOLFF Family

1870 Marriage of Emanuel's brother Gustav to Hedwig's sister Minna
In the grand order of things it is a good thing that Gustav and Minna got married, as that led to Emanuel's eventual marriage a few years later to Hedwig and thus the birth of my great grandmother. So, yes. Let's celebrate this one a bit!  I don't have the exact date of the marriage of Gustav WOLFF of Posen to Minna WOLFF of Schroda, but I'd expect it to have happened in the bride's hometown of Schroda around 1870. Their first child was born August 1871 in Posen. In 1874 Minna's father moved to Posen with his wife and other children. 

In 1870 Minna Wolff would have been 20 years old, and Gustav Wolff, 29 years old, so that fits nicely. Gustav and Minna WOLFF had three children: 
  1. Paul WOLFF, son, born 10 August 1871 in Posen; never married. 
  2. Esther Elsa WOLFF, daughter, born 23 Nov 1876 in Berlin
    • Married Siegfried KLEMPNER 17 Aug 1896 in Berlin with both Gustav and Emanuel as her witnesses. I don't have any real concrete proof,  but I'd say she was a favorite niece being a niece to both Emanuel and Hedwig, on both sides!  Esther has living descendants in Australia!
  3. Georg WOLFF, son, born 14 Sep 1881 in Berlin
    • Of special note, Gustav and Minna's grandson Francis WOLFF was a founding partner and photographer of Blue Note Records in New York. Jazz man, jazz. It must Schwing!
Gustav and Minna WOLFF family tree

1872 Berliner Petroleum founded
Brothers Gustav and Emanuel Wolff  began work in the petroleum trade in East Prussia and partially concerned in the Baltic States as public company on 29 April 1872 with registered capital of two million dollars trading company founded in Königsberg (KHC). As objects of the company was registered in the Commercial Register: "The trade in petroleum and products of a similar nature and operation of all available at the discretion of the Supervisory Board with the company. Berlin Petroleum.” The company had a stockyard of oil tanks at Spandau ship navigation canal.  Their primary petroleum product was kerosene, which was used for lamps and possibly heating.

Introducing the Heinrich WOLFF Family

1872 Marriage of Emanuel's brother Heinrich to Adelheid Grünberger
Heinrich Wolff married Adelheid GRUENBERGER on 19 September 1872 in Beuthen. Adelheid was born 1846 in Ratibor in Oppeln, Oberschlesien (now Raciborz), so she was 26 at the time of their marriage; Heinrich was 36 years old. 

1872 marriage of Heinrich WOLFF and Adelheid GRUENBERGER in Beuthen

Heinrich and Adelheid had only one child. Their son Manfred Erich WOLFF was born on 28 May 1873 in Beuthen, Krs. Beuthen, Oberschlesien (now Bytom). Manfred moved to London before the war, and at last count has 29 descendants. I'm hoping one of the them has a photo of Heinrich! 

Heinrich WOLFF family tree

Introducing the Pauline WOLFF Appel Family

1874 Marriage of Emanuel's sister Pauline
Paulina Wolff married Wilhelm Appel on 5 May 1874, most likely in Posen.  I do not have a copy of this certificate yet, and I do understand that it actually exists out there somewhere! Paulina full name is on most documents, but she used Paula as well. Wilhelm and Pauline Appel had eight children together, all born in Stadt Posen.   Wilhelm APPEL was born 4 Dec 1844 in Posen, so was aged 29 years 5 months 1 days at the time of the wedding.  Pauline WOLFF was born 12 Nov 1852 also in Posen, thus making her 21 years 5 months 23 days.

Paulina WOLFF is my great great grandfather Emanuel WOLFF's sister.  She married Wilhelm APPEL.  

Pauline Appel, geb WOLFF

Wilhelm and Paulina APPEL had eight children who are 1st cousins to my great grandmother Marie WOLFF Levy.  Their 12 grandchildren (shown below) are my grandmother Brigitte's 2nd cousins. 
  • APPEL family card from Posen
    Elise APPEL, born 19 Feb 1875 in Posen
  • Gertrud APPEL, born 3 Jul 1876 in Posen
  • Margarethe APPEL, born 4 Oct 1877 in Posen
  • Martin Simon APPEL, born 8 Nov 1879 in Posen
  • Georg APPEL, born 23 Mar 1881 in Posen
  • Elwina APPEL, born 7 Feb 1885 in Posen (named after Paula's sister Elwina, who died 1884)
  • Marie APPEL, born 27 Dec 1886 in Posen (named Paula's mother Marie HEILBRONN Wolff who died 1884)     
  • Leopold APPEL, born 29 Sep 1890 in Posen

APPEL Family Tree

1874 Hedwig and her parents move to Posen
On Jacob WOLFF's family card, they registered their first address in Posen on 26 September 1874 after moving from Hedwig's birthplace of Schroda.  It was here in Posen that Emanuel and Hedwig met and got to know each other, fall in love, and eventually have this web page written about them -- little did they know. 
  1. Jacob Wolff was 61 years old at the time of the move.
  2. Sara Wolff geb Metz, his wife was 47 years old
  3. Salomon Wolff, his son, was 27 years 8 months 11 days
  4. Eva Wolff, daughter, was 18 years 6 months 10 days
  5. Hedwig Wolff, daughter, was 14 years 8 months 20 days
1876 Gustav moves to Berlin
In the Posen city archives I found a strange family card written in Polish for Emanuel Wolff's brother, Gustav Gerson Wolff. Normally these cards were in German, and this one seems to have been added later from a transcription of the "book of souls".  The card says that Gustav lived at Pocztowa 22 on 16 October 1875, and on 1 April 1876 he moved to Berlin.  It does not list his wife or any of his three children, even the son born in Posen. The question this card raises is did Emanuel found the oil company, and then his brother joined him later? Or did they work remotely in concert?
Posen City Family Card for Gustav Gerson Wolff

1877 Marriage of Hedwig's sister, Eva to Salo Rosenfeld
Eva Wolff married Salo Rosenfeld on 24 May 1877 in Posen at the age of 21 years 2 months 8 days. Her husband Salo was 33 years 11 months 7 days. 

Salo Rosenfeld family
Here's the Posen family card for the Salo and Eva Rosenfeld family:
  1. Salo (Schumel) Rosenfeld, born 17 June 1843 in Posen. Died 16 March 1920 in Berlin
  2. Eva Rosenfeld geb Wolff, born 16 March 1856 in Posen
  3. Martha Rosenfeld, born 25 March 1878 (died same day) in Posen
  4. Hedwig Rosenfeld, born 17 July 1879 in Posen
  5. Else Henriette Rosenfeld, born 11 March 1882 in Posen. Married Paul Jacob STEIN. Else died 24 Sep 1942 at Reval Killing Field in the Holocaust.
  6. Margarete Rosenfeld, born 17 January 1884 in Posen. Married Kurt Hermann Loewenberg.  Margarete escaped Germany to England and died in Bournemouth, Hampshire on 13 Nov 1945.   

Introducing the Salomon WOLFF Family

1877 Marriage of Hedwig's Brother Salomon to Lina Schönlank
Hedwig's only brother Salomon Wolff was married in Posen on 13 Nov 1877 to Lina Schoenlank.  Salomon was aged 30 years 10 months 5 days, and his bride Lina was a few days short of 20 at 19 years 11 months 27 days.

Salomon and Lina WOLFF had six children: two sons, two daughters who died in infancy, and two daughters that died in the Holocaust. I have not been able to find marriages for the two sons, and only one grandchild for Salomon and Lina to date. 
  1. Salomon Wolff family of Posen
    Salomon WOLFF, Holzhändler (Timber Merchant), born 13 Jan 1847 in Schroda, Jewish; married 13 Nov 1877 in Posen
  2. Lina Wolff geb SCHOENLANK, wife, born 22 Nov 1857 in Posen, Jewish
  3. Carl Curt WOLFF, son born 21 Oct 1878 in Posen
    • Moved to Berlin on 11 Apr 1893 at age 14 years 5 mons, 21 days
    • Returned home to parents on 9 Sep 1899 at age 20 years 10 mons, 19 days
    • Entered military service on 1 Oct 1899 at age 20 years 11 mons, 11 days
  4. Ida Else WOLFF, daughter born 12 Feb 1880 in Posen, Died 3 Mar 1880 in Posen
  5. Martha WOLFF, daughter, born 23 May 1882 in Posen, Died 5 Jul 1882 in Posen
  6. Martin Georg WOLFF, son born 5 May 1885 in Posen
    • Moved to Breslauerstr. 17 b(ei) Schönlank, Bromberg, Posen on 4 Jul 1900 at age 15 years, 1 mon, 30 days
    • Moved to Charlottenburg, Berlin on 27 Apr 1903 at age 17 years 11 mons, 22 days
  7. Alice Selma WOLFF, daughter born 21 Jun 1890 in Posen; Died in the Holocaust on 5 Nov 1941 at Litzmannstadt, Lodz.
  8. [name not listed] Margarete WOLFF, daughter, born 5 Jun 1895 in Posen; Married Martin GOERKE and had one daughter, Marion Leonie Friedlaender geb GOERKE. Margarete died in the Holocaust at Kowno on 25 Nov 1941 at age 46 years 5 months 20 days
According to the card Salomon and Lina first lived at Mühlenstraße 27 in Posen, which they registered 23 Nov 1877 -- ten days after their wedding.   As their family grew with children, they moved (presumedly to a larger house) as St. Martin 18 in Posen on 21 Jun 1879.  Then on 4 July 1900 when Salomon was 53 years 5 months 23 days old, the entire family moved to Berlin.  Lina died in Charlottenburg, Berlin on 27 June 1905.  Salomon, aka Salo Wolff died in Charlottenburg on 4 Sep 1914. 

Salomon WOLFF family tree

1879 Death of Emanuel's Father
Well, it certainly took way too long to find this death record, and when I did it solved the mystery of Isaak's first born son, Heinrich.   Isaak Wolff died on 18 Jan 1879 in Posen, and the certificate is signed by Heinrich Wolff.  Isaak was 81 years old. 
Isaak WOLFF (1798-1879)

1879 death of Isaak WOLFF in Posen

Introducing the Emanuel WOLFF Family

1879 Engagement of Emanuel and Hedwig
On 22 October 1879, Jacob Wolff announced the engagement of his youngest daughter, Hedwig, to the businessman Emanuel Wolff of Berlin.
1879 Engagement Notice for Hedwig Wolff

1880 Marriage of Emanuel and Hedwig
On 27 January 1880, when Hedwig Wolff had just turned 20, she married Emanuel Wolff — no known relation. They probably met in Posen, as they were both from that area. The marriage took place in the city of Posen, in Posen, Prussia, Germany.  I think that Emanuel was living in Berlin at the time, working with his brother Gustav in the oil business. The young couple immediately went back to Berlin to live.
Emanuel Wolff's 1880 Posen marriage to Hedwig Wolff

Emanuel WOLFF and Hediwg WOLFF are my 2nd great grandparents. They had the following children:
  1. Fritz George WOLFF, born 11 Nov 1880 in Berlin
  2. Flora WOLFF, born 12 Mar 1882 in Berlin
  3. Zerline Marie WOLFF, born 1 Feb 1884 in Berlin
  4. Ewina WOLFF, born 8 Apr 1887 in Berlin

1880 Birth of son, Fritz Georg
Their first child, a son, was born on 11 Nov 1880 in Berlin, Germany.  Fritz was married twice, and both of his wives and him were lost in the holocaust. He had four children, one of which died in infancy, and the other three who survived the war and made it to the United States. Fritz was murdered on 30 May 1944 in Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

1881 Death of Emanuel's sister, Flora
Emanuel Wolff's sister Flora died at the age of 36 on 19 June 1881 in Posen.  She left behind two young sons, Leopold Hirschberg (1867-1929) and Paul Hirschberg (1869-1942).
1881 Death of Flora Hirschberg geb. Wolff in Posen, Prussia

1882 Birth of daughter, Flora 
Named after Emanuel’s sister who died the year before, Flora Wolff was born in Berlin in 12 March 1882. She married Gustav Mayer and had two sons, one of which was lost in the Holocaust.  She lived until 15 July 1962, dying at her son Ulrich Philip Mayer’s home in Port Elizabeth near Johannesburg, South Africa.

1884 Birth of daughter, Zerline Marie
My great grandmother Zerline Marie Wolff was born in Berlin on 1 Feb 1884. I do know currently know if she is named after anyone, as I have found no Zerline’s yet. Perhaps the name Zerline comes from the unknown family of her mother Hedwig.   Marie, as she was called, married the Roman Law Professor, Ernst Levy on 21 May 1909 in Berlin.  They had two children, including my grandmother.  Marie and Ernst moved to Seattle, Washington in 1936 to escape the Nazis.   She died in Davis, California on 30 December 1974.

1884 Death of Emanuel's Mother, Marie
On 15 Feb 1884, Emanuel's mother, Marie Wolff geb Heilbronn, died in the city of Posen in Posen. She was 65 years old. Her parents are listed on her death certificate as Pincus Heilbronn and Eva Lipschütz. Her brother, Salomon Heilbronn signed the record.

1884 Death of Marie Wolff geb. Heilbronn in Posen

1884 Death of Emanuel's sister, Elwina
A few months after her mother passed away, Elwina Schiff geb Wolff died in the city of Posen on 13 June 1884 at the age of 40. She had married Philipp Schiff and moved to Breslau, but after he died in 1875 she returned to Posen.

Elwina Schiff geb Wolff (1844-1884)

1884 Death of Elwina Schiff geb. WOLFF in Posen

1887 Birth of daughter, Elwina

On 8 April 1887, Emanuel and Hedwig's fourth child was born, and they named her Elwina Wolff after Emanuel's recently departed sister.   Elwina Wolff married Georg Neustadt on 19 April 1906 in Berlin. They lived in Berlin until 1937 when subjected to harassment by the Nazis, and learning of imminent deportation to the camps, Georg killed himself on 29 May 1937.  Elwina carried on for another month or so, and then joined him in his fate on 14 July 1937.  They are buried together at Weissensee cemetery in Berlin.

1888 Death of Hedwig's Mother
It seems that while visiting Berlin, perhaps to help care for the infant Elwina, Hedwig's mother Sara Wolff geb Metz died at age 66 on 13 December 1888. Emanuel Wolff reported his mother-in-law's death, and signed the record.  The death record lists Sara's parents as Nehemias Metz and Zerline Wiener, and her birth in Lissa, Posen about 1822.

Sara Wolff geb METZ, Berlin death 13 Dec 1888

Berliner Tageblatt, 15 Dec 1888

1891 Death of Hedwig's Father
Just a few years after the death of his wife, Hedwig's father, Jacob Wolff died in the city of Posen in Posen Province.  The date was 20 January 1891.  Jacob had been born in Morrn about 1813, which is now the city of Murzynowo, Poland. At the time it was part of Posen, Prussia.

1892 Selling of Berliner Petroleum
In the metropolitan area of ​​Berlin, the brothers Gustav and Emanuel Wolff stood at the head of the local petroleum trade with their company, Berliner Petroleum. Emanuel Wolff was the President of the largest oil company in Berlin, Germany; he was forced to sell the company to Rockefeller -- he didn't want to sell, but they were going to come over and compete aggressively. Rockefeller's company Standard Oil formed Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft (DAPG) in 1890, and that put a lot of pressure on them with unfair competition practices.  Rockefeller specifically wanted the distribution infrastructure that Berliner Petroleum owned and operation. On January 1, 1892 the Wolff’s sold their business (Berliner Petroleum) to DAPG. As compensation, each of the two brothers received 100 Share Certificates, with additional 80 shares on April 1, 1893. By 1901, their total shares had reached 204 a piece.

1894 Death of Emanuel's brother, Heinrich
Heinrich Wolff was Emanuel's half brother, the oldest son of his father born to his first wife.  Heinrich passed away on 12 May 1894 in Beuthen, Oberschlesien at the age of 57. 
1894 death of Heinrich WOLFF in Beuthen

1901 Pegli Trip
In March 1901 the Wolff family went of a trip to Pegli on the Italian Rivera. They stayed at the famous Grand Hotel Mediterranee. Many photos were taken on this trip, including the last known photos of Emanuel who died shortly after. I have not figured out who everyone is in this photo.   My current guesses are that standing in back are Emanuel Wolff and his sister Paulina Appel geb Wolff.   Seated, left to right are: Flora Wolff, Hedwig Wolff, Paulina's son Leopold at age 9, Elwina Wolff, and Paulina's daughter Elwina Appel at age 16.   And on the ground in front is my great grandmother Marie Wolff at age 17. 
Emanuel and Hedwig Wolff with family in Pegli, March 1901

1901 Death of Emanuel
Emanuel died somewhat unexpectedly at his home in Berlin at age 51 of an appendcitis on 30 December 1901 at 6:45pm.  His address at the time was Viktoriastraße 23 [Victoria Street], Berlin which is in Tempelhof, right next to the ship canal that was so important to his oil company. His son Fritz who was a student of philosophy, was living with them. Emanuel is buried at Jüdischer Friedhof Weissensee, Berlin, Germany.
Emanuel WOLFF 1850-1901

1901 death of Emanuel WOLFF in Berlin

1909 Marriage of Zerline Wolff to Ernst Levy
On 21 May 1909, Zerline Wolff married Ernst Levy, the son of Robert Gottfried Levy and Betty Landsberger of Berlin. The marriage took place in Berlin.
Levy-Wolff Family Tree

1911 Death of Emanuel's brother, Gustav
Gustav Gerson WOLFF died 22 Nov 1911 in Wiesbaden, Hesse. Not sure why he was there as he did live in Berlin, and is buried in Berlin along with his wife Minna (who was Hedwig's sister).
Gustav WOLFF (1841-1911)

1911 death of Gustav WOLFF in Wiesbaden

1914 Lindenallee 35 is Finished
Emanuel designed and planned a large mansion house in West Berlin with the architect Hans Grisebach (1848-1904). Sadly neither men lived to see the house completed, as the house wasn't finished until 1914 under the direction of Grisebach & Steinmetz. Upon completion, Hedwig moved in and enjoyed it greatly,  especially the gardens. She lived there until the early 1930s. The address was Lindenallee 35, D-14050 Berlin, Germany --- in the late 1930s the Nazis took over the house and used it as a headquarters -- there is a book on the history of the house.
Emanuel WOLFF house, Lindenallee 35, Berlin-Westend

1919 Death of Hedwig's sister Minna
Hedwig Wolff's sister Minna married Emanuel's brother Gustav, so there is a double sister-in-law relationship here for Emanuel.   In any case, Minna Wolff geb WOLFF died in Berlin on 1 Sep 1919.  She is buried with her husband in the Jewish Cemetery at Weissensee, Berlin. 
Grave of Gustav and Minna Wolff in Weissensee

1932 Death of Emanuel's brother Leopold
In 1932 Leo Wolff and his wife Ida were living with their son Hans and his wife Toni and daughter Maria in Lichterfelde.  Leo died on 18 Aug 1932 after coming home from his daily swim! Ida moved to a Jewish old ladies home after that.
Leopold "Leo" WOLFF (1857-1932)

1932 death of Leopold WOLFF in Berlin

1933 Hedwig moves to care home
Hedwig Lived in a large mansion in West Berlin, and then moved to a care home around 1933, where she lived for a few years and then passed away.

1934 Death of Hedwig's sister, Eva
Eva Rosenfeld geb Wolff died in Charlottenburg, Berlin on 10 Jun 1934 at age 78. At the time of her death, her address was Sophie-Charlotten-Straße 115. The informant was her daughter Else Salzburg geb ROSENFELD, who lived at Königsweg 21a. 
1934 death of Eva Rosefeld geb WOLFF in Charlottenburg

1935 Death of Hedwig
Hedwig Wolff died on 23 April 1935 in Berlin at age 75. Death certificate #328 in Berlin III was reported by her grandson, Emanuel Wolff (named after Hedwig's late husband), whose address was Lützenstraße 61 in Berlin.   Hedwig's last residence is listed as Lietzenburgerstraße 27, and she died at Derfflingerstraße 21 in Berlin Mitte -- a private clinic run by the Jewish neurologist Professor Ernst Unger from 1905-1936 (the house was taken over by the National Socialist Women's League in 1936 after Unger was banned from practicing his profession by the Nazis). 
Hedwig Wolff geb WOLFF (1860-1935)

1935 death of Hedwig Wolff in Berlin III

1935 Burial of Hedwig
Hedwig Wolff was buried next to her husband on 25 April 1935 at the Jüdischer Friedhof Weissensee in Berlin, Germany.  Gravesite location is in Cemetery N2, Row 13. 

Grave of Emanuel and Hedwig Wolff in Weissensee, Berlin

1940 Death of Emanuel's sister Pauline
Well, I finally found the death certificate for Emanuel's sister Paula Appel geb Wolff and it confirms that she is indeed his sister. Same parents and all.  Paula died in Berlin on 13 Oct 1940. 

Paulia Appel geb Wolff (1852-1940)

1940 death of Pauline Appel geb WOLFF in Berlin